Embark on a sacred 12 day journey of spiritual learning and healing that will take you from Auckland to the beautiful Northland of  New Zealand. You will pass through sacred Maori sites, learn ancient native rituals, live among local Maori communities and immerse yourself in a spiritual journey of learning and healing like no other.

Join our journey and forge your pathway with our exceptional Maori Healing Course called Paptuanuku – the journey”

 Come and join 

The quest begins at Auckland’s Kawai Purapura retreat centre (New Zealand). Here you will partake in a Powhiri (welcoming ceremony) then 4 days travel to the north of NZ to visit sacred sites of  Kai iwi lakesTane Mahuta and Ngawha springs. You will live among local communities staying at a local marae where you will  learn marae protocol. You will be led on  spiritual journeys through our ancient forests where you will learn ancient chants, karakias (prayers) and waiatas,(songs) as well undertaking traditional Maori bird dances before returning to Auckland for much more.

 Journey with us 

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